Jesse Ylönen debutes for Espoo United


20170217_202444-2RW Jesse Ylönen – Espoo United – 2018 NHL Draft eligible

The son of former NHLer Juha Ylönen made his debut for Espoo United in Mestis. He played on the first line and received power play time on the first unit. He made a good play in the first period after entering the offensive zone. He drew an opponent to himself before making a little pass to set up a scoring chance. He used his good vision and poise while moving the puck with long cross-ice passes. I also liked his inside the dots mentality on some occasions in which he went to the net and didn’t stay on the perimeter. He also registered one shot today. Ylönen is a very skilled skater with strong edge work and first step quickness. He has smooth, fast strides and his acceleration is just as impressive. As a 17-year-old prospect, his physicality and defensive game will require further development. However, today you could see flashes of the skill level that he’s been demonstrating in the U20 league this season. Since he signed a two-year contract with the team in late January, it will be interesting to see if he plays some more games with United during the rest of the season.