2018 NHL Draft Preliminary List

Here is a preliminary list of Finnish players eligible for the 2018 NHL Draft. The list consists of 15 prospects: two goalies, five defensemen and eight forwards. The list will be updated multiple times during the upcoming season. At this point in time, the players are listed in alphabetical order and the list only includes players that will be draft eligible for the first time. You can find the players’ stats by clicking on the name.

2018 NHL Draft Preliminary List of Finnish Players:

Justus Annunen (’00, Goalie)

Oskar Autio (’99, goalie)

Samuel Kemppainen (’00, Defenseman)

Juuso Ketola (’00, Defenseman)

Lenni Killinen (’00, Forward)

Jesperi Kotkaniemi (’00, Forward)

Miska Kukkonen (’00, Defenseman)

Rasmus Kupari (’00, Forward)

Arttu Nevasaari (’00, Forward)

Niklas Nordgren (’00, Forward)

Sampo Ranta (’00, Forward)

Santeri Salmela (’00, Defenseman)

Samuel Salonen (’00, Forward)

Toni Utunen (’00, Defenseman)

Jesse Ylönen (’99, Forward)