U18 Player Notes: Karhu-Kissat, SaiPa and Jokerit

SaiPa @ K-Kissat (2-3 SO)

01 F Kasper Korhonen – Karhu-Kissat U18 

Korhonen is a smooth-skating, skilled forward with quick first few steps. He has the ability to change directions quickly and make plays at a fast pace. He carried the puck into the zone on multiple occasions – possesses good stickhandling skills and can make plays in traffic. Slippery and smart with the puck. However, he’s on the smaller side and I would have liked to see more physicality. He could also work on his puck protection skills. Korhonen’s game has improved significantly from last season and he’s playing with much more confidence.

03 D Joni Loukkojärvi – SaiPa U18

Loukkojärvi had strong game for SaiPa. For such a young defenseman, his decision making with the puck was impressive – passed the puck into good spots and processed his options quickly. Possesses swift hands. A good skater with agility and speed, he joined the rush when the opportunity presented itself. Moreover, Loukkojärvi was alert in his own end and defended well with his stick, rather than playing a physical brand of hockey.

Pelicans @ Jokerit (3-4)

02 F Juuso Mäenpää – Jokerit U18

The small center had two secondary assists against Pelicans. Mäenpää is quick, agile and constantly moving and buzzing on the ice. He played in all situations and looked excellent on the penalty kill due to his ability to pressure opponents quickly. Offensively, he played a possession-based game – made calculated decisions and played really well on the cycle. Mäenpää’s game is a strong mix of speed, skill and high compete.

02 F Samuel Helenius – Jokerit U18

Helenius is a big, lanky 6’3 center with some interesting long-term potential. He was strong in puck battles, used his stick really well and made opponents miss as he got his stick on the puck. He’s a decent skater with fairly good edge work and mobility. Helenius wasn’t around the puck a whole lot but he did make a couple of good puck distributions to the wingers.