HIFK center Viljam Sandvik showing a high ceiling, is a name to remember for 2021 draft

Viljam Sandvik had an impressive past season with Jokerit U16 and U18 teams. He caught my eye in several regular season viewings, as well as in the U16 finals where he was the most impactful player on his team. The 2003 born center moved on to HIFK for this season and scored in his U20 debut last weekend. A three-zone center, he reads the game well and can disrupt the puck carrier. He moves into good spots and gets in position before the play develops, showing keen understanding of the game. He is a smart passer, calculated with possession and moves the puck in a timely manner to his wingers. He also has a precise wrist shot and can finish off his chances. Being able to both pass and shoot the puck at a high level, it is tough for the defensemen to read Sandvik’s intentions with the puck. Moreover, he plays a physical, intense brand of hockéy and finishes his checks regularly. He is a good skater, stops and starts well and has decent top speed. Sandvik has a high ceiling and is a prospect to watch for the 2021 NHL Draft. On top of his play with the club team, he has had several strong performances with the Finnish youth national teams.