Samu Tuomaala (Kärpät U20) – Scouting Report

A dynamic winger with game-breaking speed and skill. Tuomaala possesses explosive acceleration and excellent top speed. He is a powerful skater who can pull away from opponents. Capable of winning 1 vs 1 situations. Likes to challenge defensemen with regularity, knowing that he can beat them with his quickness. Has a strong lower body and good balance. A strong shooter who can rifle the puck in stride, Tuomaala is a proficient finisher with a quick wrist shot and hard one-timer. He can beat goalies from close range or further out. Swift hands and very good puck control, can receive passes off skates with relative ease and get the puck under control quickly and smoothly. Defensively, he can read plays well away from the puck. He is quite alert and dependable in his own end. I wouldn’t call him the most intense player without the puck, but he is not a defensive liability to his team either. Samu has always thrived at the international level and has also been a highly productive player for Kärpät junior teams at various levels. He has all the tools to succeed once he moves up to the pros. Definitely a player to keep a close eye on for the 2021 NHL Draft.