Rasmus Ruusunen (HIFK U20) – Scouting Report

Rasmus Ruusunen made significant strides and improved his overall game in 2019-20. At the start of the season, he was the best forward for HIFK U18 in several viewings. He was quickly promoted to the U20 team and looked comfortable playing in the league as a 16-year-old. The 5’11” winger is a multifaceted player who plays with a lot of pace. He is a strong skater with a quick first step. He uses fast acceleration to catch opponents and take away their skating space, he backchecks well and plays the body when needed. He has a quick shot and he can shoot in stride. A good stickhandler with smooth hands, he can operate with the puck in small spaces and plays well on the cycle to extend possession. He has a lot of upside and he is only going to get better as he gains overall strength in the next few years. Ruusunen won’t be eligible for the NHL Draft until 2022 due to his late birthday, but he has already shown intriguing traits and potential that could make him a sought-after prospect.