Rami Määttä

Born: 2002-04-03

Team: Ässät U18

Position: Defenseman

Shoots: Left

Height / Weight: 5’7 / 134

2020 NHL Draft Preview

The left-shot defenseman from Oulu had a strong season for Ässät U20. Määttä also stood out when I watched him play in a U18 tournament with Ässät as he made lots of positive plays. He is very poised with the puck, he can move it well and he understands the game. He gives accurate outlet passes and can kickstart the breakout. He is good at defending 1-on-1’s, keeps his gaps tight and has a quick stick to break up plays. He does not have blazing speed and his first few strides could be quicker, yet he is mobile with some nice agility. I wouldn’t consider him particularly flashy but he has swift hands and can help create offense. Määttä plays a style that I think will translate to the pros. He makes quick, intelligent decisions and outsmarts opponents in the juniors. He has the potential to become a well-rounded defenseman who plays a good two-way game. He is headed in the right direction. Draft projection: 6th or 7th round


Määttä had 14:34 of ice-time in a 5-3 loss to Jokerit U20. The 2002 born Ässät defenseman showcased impressive puck moving abilities, delivering tape-to-tape passes and passing the puck into good spots. Whether it was a short or long range pass, he was able to execute the play most times, He had good poise with the puck and remained calm in his own end. Määttä is not big in stature, hence he relied more on defending with his stick. He did a fine job of taking away time and space from the oncoming forwards, timing was good. His positioning in the defensive end was decent. Määttä does not have blazing speed, however he is agile and skates well backwards.


Määttä had a bit rough start but looked more comfortable as the game progressed. He looked extremely poised with the puck and made an impact offensively. He scored a great goal in the second period in which he walked towards the net from the blueline, faked a slap shot and made a precise short-side finish. He possesses very quick hands. This, along with his composure, enabled him to fool forecheckers in his own end. First pass was consistently crisp and even his longer passes were most often precise. His skating was good, agility stood out and backwards skating was strong. Ässät clearly controlled the play and had the puck possession, so he wasn’t really tested defensively. Määttä did have a quick stick and displayed good defensive awareness, though.